By increasing evaporative cooling and constantly exchanging air, our fans are the perfect mechanism for cooling. MacroAir fans cool so efficiently they can save you 20% on your cooling costs. You’ll enjoy reduced air temperature on hot days. You can run your HVAC less, and keep employees cool and comfortable.



In most buildings, heating is mounted overhead so it won’t interfere with working space. Unfortunately, this results in heat stratification, which creates energy-sapping layers of hot and cool air. The temperature on the ceiling may be as much as 16ºC higher than on the floor where you need it.



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Magnovent is a company specializing to industrial ventilation and energy efficiency. Our large industrial ceiling fans are known for moving large amounts of air with very little energy, known as HVLS (High Volume Low Speed) fans. Our fans provide the best solution to warehouses, stores, gyms, indoor pools, shopping malls and all other large buildings.

They work in perfect synergy with current HVAC to reduce their running costs in winter and summer time. In the winter the warm air trapped in the ceiling is mixed with the cooler air at floor level, resulting in a rise of temperature at floor level hence saving energy.